Hulk Smashed!

Take one cheap mask courtesy of Don Quixote Quijote, a pair of purple pants, an old shirt and a giant green fist and you've got yourself a cool little Hulk costume.

You can watch the transformation here:

(Disappointed that the finale of the video shows up in the thumbnail.)

Maybe it's the whiter-than-white teeth or the really big fist, but Hulk is quite the hit with the gals.

Speaking of ladies, as usual Hulk is hounded by the authorities.

She-Hulk needed some medical attention...

...so Hulk Smashed nasty boo-boo.

Fortunately a real nurse was on hand to lend a hand.

There were others at the party as well, but alas, all of them were Smashed by the Hulk. Iron-Ernie looked particularly foreboding.

DJ Mokugohan in Deathmask. As you can see, Haunted Disney tunes in the background. An awesome video compiled by Mokugohan was powered by my iPhone. Downside, I had to rely on my unreliable camera to take photos. Therefore, I didn't get a picture of Alex in his Scarecrow garb. Anyone out there have a photo of it?
PS. Best Halloween music in Sendai. A dozen different bars had parties that night, ours had actual Halloween music, graphics, prizes and treats! All costumed participants got a Nightmare Before Christmas toy courtesy of me and a CD compilation courtesy of Mokugohan.

A few of the other ladies of the evening (wait, that doesn't sound right.)

Hulk Smashed puny trick or treaters by giving them Hulk Pez!

Where it all began...

By the way, Hulk only had a few beers so he wasn't at all Smashed himself!

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