When The Shark Bites

I'm calling it an early evening tonight. Just going to cuddle up with a beer and a few movies. Offered up on my movie channel is some feature called, "Double Head Jaws" which stars Carmen Electra and apparently is about a shark with two heads. I can't wait!


I posted the above using my phone so I couldn't add labels properly or add photos. Here are some screen shots of the movie (ie. photos I took of the tv screen.) A truly awful piece of cinema but with a pretty cool looking shark.

That last picture is not so much Double-head as Double Ds. (tee hee)

This is the version of Mac The Knife I emulate when I warble it at Karaoke.


Perogyo said...

That does sounds awesome. I have a large fondness for the cheesy films with Sharktopus and Debbie Gibson/Tiffany.

Michael Jones said...

It was incredibly dumb. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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