Taping Unmasked.

I entered a world that I'd never known to exist before today. The world of Masking Tapers! Apparently there's a fetishist movement of people who like wrapping things in different coloured rolls of masking tape and enjoying it. Well, to each their own.

My pal Hinnie in HK asked me to pick her up some limited edition rolls at mt ex Sendai, a Masking Tape convention.
(協同組合 仙台卸商センター〒984-8651 仙台市若林区卸町二丁目15番地の2
TEL:022-235-2161 FAX:022-284-0864 E-mail:info@oc-sendai.ne.jp)

Even though it was opening day, there were only a handful of people, most of them sitting at the Workshop table folding little boxes and then taping them up. Intriguing but not intriguing enough to get me to join them.

I liked the layout of the place, an old warehouse just a stones throw from my apartment. Streamers of tape hung from the ceiling and there were a couple of different-themed booths.

Hinnie had requested a few rolls of "limited edition" tapes and I gobbled up all of them including a Sendai specialty of which I got four (including one for myself.)

I also got a roll of animals, fish and butterflies.

I was rather unimpressed by the lack of any Halloween content so I picked up a couple of orange rolls plus a kids' pack.

Finally there was a table of little sticker/seals and I grabbed a bunch that she might be interested in including a Kokeshi for myself. There was also a Gatcha-capsule machine for a buck a pop and regardless of the prize, I find them irresistible.

So if any of you are into taping, go check this place out (address above). Each roll is between 200-400 yen a pop so they're a little pricey but worth it if you like that sort of thing. Go before Nov. 4th though cuz after that, who knows where it'll be.

Just to add a bit of Halloween content, here is a little premium that I was given by the proprietor of a conbini that I frequent. Cute little hand mirrors starring "Kelly the Ghost and Friends". Never heard of her but they are cute.

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Perogyo said...

This is really cool!! I want a table like that.


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