Bourne Still.

Okay, I'm a dummy. I left the interior light of my car on for three days and completely drained my battery. Fortunately, I noticed this last night and not this morning. I was about to drive to the cinema to see Bourne Legacy when I noticed my dead battery. Luckily, my local gas station aided me with a jump start (booster) and 30 minutes later I was able to see Bourne still. (I know that's grammatically incorrect but it's for effect.) Though it dragged a bit, it was a fun little movie and Hawkeye held his own well. You may be surprised to discover that I had a cameo in it:

This Christmas, you can also catch me starring as Jones, Mike Jones in Skyfall:

Hey look! Frankenweenie has had several pups. Frankfurts? Hot Dogs Pups?

There's a new movie about Yokai  妖怪人間ベム = Humanoid Monster - BEM. Not sure what it's about but it looks intriguing.

Oh cool! It's a live-action version of this:

Speaking of Yokai, here is the last of my International Group of Demons and this time they're Pro-Wrestling!

妖怪のプロレス (Yokai Pro-Res) showcases a Giant from the isles of Vulcan battling フォービ, Fo-bi (Phoebe?), a 5-headed dragon from Yugoslavia. The spectators include a fez-wearing シンナテテオ (Shinnateteo) and ヨナルテパズトーリ (Youaltepuztli) both from Mexico and the fish-likeアトバラナ, Atobarana from New Guinea.

 Now that we've met all the characters in the book, we'll look at them more closely over the following weeks. Stay tuned...
Here's a sneak peek at the aforementioned Dragon!

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