Market Facts.

I used to work for a company called Market Facts (it's changed names several times since then) and there were never any monsters as cool as these there. I got my scanner working but I can only scam a bit of the whole pic at a time. It looks great but you'll have to do some pasting together and some flipping around.

This picture is the full deal. It may be easier to decipher.

In the upper right corner of the Yokai Market, is an old lady known as 油絵妖怪, Abura e Yokai or Oil Painting Demon. She hails from Europe and is probably responsible for Night Gallery.

Below her are these wee lads called 黒小人 Kuro Kobito or black dwarfs from the Scandinavian Peninsula. Though they don't look like dwarves to me nor are they very black. (Is the plural dwarfs or dwarves?)

In the bottom right-hand corner is just your average 魔女 Witch from Europe boiling and bubbling up some double trouble.

The Grim Reaper dude is 死神 Shini-gami or the God of Death. He too hails from Europe and enjoys chess. Beware his rap!

The wrinkly hag in orange is オバイホ Obaiho from Polynesia. Looks pretty cool!

The yellow blob is from Finland and is spelled カルマ, Karma though it probably refers to the Haltija (Spirit) known as Kalman

From the Amazon river is a Merman known as 半魚人 (han-gyojin). Looking suspiciously like the Creature from the Black Lagoon, he sells seashells by the seashore. I always loved his Pinball!

Chilling by the bar is Cousin Itt's cousin, a ウイプリ Uipuri from the Soviet.

Sitting at the bar having a Bloody Mary Mary's Blood is ドラキュラ, Dracula who this book maintains is from England. Sure he hung around there chasing after mortals but I always took him to be Transylvanian.

The bartendress is a ゴーゴン, Gorgon from Greece. I'm not certain I'd enjoy a drink poured by her; she doesn't even keep her snakes in a hairnet!

Flying above the bar is a グレムリン, Gremlin from the Alps. I'll avoid the Dante characters and jump to Kirk instead.

Peddling some books is none other than ジャック・アランターン, Jack O'Lantern better known as Stingy Jack and precedes the Pumpkinheaded fellow by a few centuries. I tell this story every year to my students.

Buying one of his tomes is 砂男, Suna Otoko from Germany and is a Sandman (neither DC nor Marvel's version.)

In the middle of the market, selling what I imagine are skin care products is a ミイラ男, Miira-otoko or Mummy. If you watch only one of the YouTubes on today's post, be sure to view this one: So Scary!

Today's amazing maze has you following a path from his mouth to his butt. Have fun!


Caffeinated Joe said...

Wow - that is a lot for one post!

Michael Jones said...

Thanks Joe. Maybe I should switch to Decaf.
I have one or two more big ones to introduce the characters, and then it'll get more compact.


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