Sanctuary March

"Sanctuary March" was something that my High School music teacher used to say. Yesterday was my last day at one of my schools and the following are the highlights of their Gratitude Drawings. (I would have uploaded them last night, but it was bumped by my Masking Tape post.)

I'm also WAY behind on my International Yokai pictures. There are over a hundred pages to go and there's less than a week to go before Halloween. Looks like I'll be starting next year's Countdown next month!
This Walnut-faced Yokai is the エムプウセイ, Empusa from Greece. Check that link for more info. 

Also from Greece is the ギロ (Giro) and the ゴーゴン, Gorgon. I can't figure out what the Giro is , apart from having big eyes, but you may recognize Medusa.

Added bonus. One of my former co-workers and artiste extraordinaire, Yvonne, has carved an awesome pumpkin! I can barely manage triangular facial features yet here's what she came up with!

Additional added bonus. I caught the tail end of a movie called Gorath, a sci-fi movie from '62 featuring a convoluted plot about a travelling star about to demolish Earth, so some scientists have to melt some polar ice caps and shift the Earth out of the star's path. The American version has never shown the Giant Walrus,  Maguma, but I have some documented proof of it's existence.

Sure when they started to melt the ice caps, it aroused the wrath of Maguma but did they have to go and laser the guy into fillets?


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