UFOs, Bellies & Ultraman.

I went to an event dubbed UFO yesterday. We arrived in the mountains around 5, set up a tent and DJ Mokugohan played some of his original tunes. Good stuff and there even a few people (and a moth) listening.

After his set, he took a nap leaving me to suffer the Most Annoying DJ in the World *TM. The music he spun was not great but it was tolerable. What was intolerable was his tendency to stop the music every few minutes and yell out some random comment or  blow a foghorn (via PC Fx). (Conversation on the Titanic: "Captain, I think there's a problem, I keep hearing a foghorn." :Don't worry ensign, it's nothing. Just that annoying DJ again.") Fortunately he shut up and a Taiko drum duet began. Good stuff.

*MADJitW came on again for a short period and then a pair of Belly Dancers began to flaunt their wares. The way the main dancer floated around ethereally was hypnotic and it felt like any moment Edward Woodward would be sacrificed in big wooden Wicker Man.

Then along came a Basin Street-style Dixie Land Band and the gals once again accompanied them.

After that was another band and then Alex emerged from his slumber 10 minutes late for his second set. (How he could sleep through some of the caterwauling is beyond me.) This time, not even the moths showed up for his set. Sigh. Philistines.

MADJitW came on again and we took that as a sign to retire. Alex once again shortly fell asleep but I shivered away in the tent drowsy yet couldn't sleep. I went back out to the campfire and listened to Techno for 3 hours and watched the sun rise. I retired to the vehicle and for some bizarre reason a DJ decided to awaken everyone at 6:40 am with some hard core Techno. I think I had a total of one hours sleep that night.

For breakfast, we had some backed goods that I'd picked up the previous day.

On the way home, I was looking for some pieces for my costume at a used shop and found a pair of pants that I'll need for 500¥. Of course there were some goodies in the toy bin and I'm not sure how I missed these in their initial run in 2003. Ultraman Bottle caps. 17 of the little guys for only 3 bucks! Score! Also I found a Harryhausen Harpy and a Bambi to take revenge on Godzilla.

More Halloween hijinks tomorrow.

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