Pumpkin Pie.

I really miss my mom's pumpkin pie. After we gutted our pumpkins and baked the seeds, she'd take the choicest pulp and make her pies. Then we were able to carve them. Japanese pumpkins (more like gourds) are too sweet for my taste and I haven't met anyone locally who can make a good pie (the secret ingredient is nutmeg).

So the closest thing I got to actual pumpkins today were some characters created by my 3rd and 4th Grades. Today's school has a low enrollment, 12-18 kids per class so I could spend a little more time with them. Therefore: pumpkin pics!

The 3rd graders didn't have quite as much time and they were on the bus before I could get a look at their drawings. I did get a few though. I particularly like the first one of the smoker!

Grade 5 didn't have much time to create a great work of art but here are the best of the bunch.

Grade 6 had all morning to finish their masterpieces and the proof is in the pudding. The last one is my favourite, pretty sophisticated for an 11-year old!

Finishing up our アジアの妖怪たち (Asian Yokaitachi = Friends of the Yokai) we have トッカビ (Tokkabi from the Korean Peninsula), 山しょう (San-shou from China), 馬化 (Baka from China), 羅刹 (Rasetsu from India), カリーナ (Karina from Arabia) and  ランプの精 (Spirit of the Lamp also from Arabia.)

I'm not sure what the Rasetsu is but this video has something to do with it.

So that's it for Asia, coming up now is 悪魔誕生 (the Devil) and a chapter on European Yokai...Stay tuned!

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Perogyo said...

Those are some pretty cute pumpkins!

I used to make pumpkin pie every year at Thanksgiving, which is a chore because I do it from scratch (with kabocha, sorry!) and it's always so hot that early in October. But nobody likes it. Thought my kids would but they don't. Too bad you don't live closer!


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