It's In the Cards.

I'm really excited about this book by Shigeru Mizuka. It's not about your basic run-of-the-mill Japanese Yokai, it's all about international monsters all drawn by the GeGeGe creator. The inside cover frontispiece is a picture of a half-dozen demons playing poker. Not as dramatic as dogs but still pretty cool.
Starting in the upper right corner and going clockwise is a ポルターガイスト (European Poltergeist).
Below him is a balding ピクラス (Pikras from Latvia--it is tough to figure out the spelling on some of these but it appears to be some kind of Mermaid/Merman).
In the lower right corner is a ケースマンテル (Kesmantle from Austria and I have no idea what it is). Beside him is a serpentine 金し鳥 (Kinshi-cho from North Korea, again NO info available).
The vampiric ブイイ (Buii from 旧ン連 = Russia.) who is often portrayed rather phallic.
バックベアード (Backbeard?? Not Blackbeard. Some kind of strange spider-like eye from America.)

As for today's maze, help Frankenstein find his missing bolt! (Once I get the scanner working, I'll have printable versions.)

That's it for today. More goodies tomorrow!

Oh wait, here's a video for your perusal...

It's Monster School!

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