I had one of my favourite classes today and they were in good spirits, stealing my masks and making all kinds of revelry. They also had a little time to make some monsters for me. I love this Hulk!

That last one was written by a guy! Not that there's anything wrong with that.

My European Yokai continue but before that happens, I need to expand on Yesterday's post. I'd always heard that イギルイス (Igirisu) referred to England but it appears that it has a broader meaning of the UK. Scammed from a co-workers comment: "
"Igirisu" is a Portuguese loan-word, derived from "inglês". While "inglês" means "English" or "Englishman", the word entered the Japanese vocabulary when much of the UK was still the Kingdom of England (and Wales), and the union between England and Scotland was still in its infancy."
Therefore the Yokai are from all over the UK, not just England. 

Okay, first up is Austria's ケースマンテル = Kesmantle. I had no idea what the Kesmantle was the first time I mentioned it and I have no further insight now.

土精プッツ Tsuchi-Sei-Putz is also from Austria. Some kind of mud spirit.

From Holland, we get the フライング・ダッチマン =  Frying Flying Dutchman, a legendary ghost ship that can never make port.

Sticking to the Seven Seas, we have セント・エルモの火 (St. Elmo's Fire) a luminous ball of plasma (hit that link for the Wiki.)

Finally tonight (because I'm really sleepy) is the 夜叉マラ Yasha-Mara from Northern Europe.

On to Greece tomorrow...

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