Happy Anniversary To Me!

I don't pat myself on the back as much as I should, so here goes. Pat Pat Pat.
As of today, I've been in Japan for 13 years! Woo Hoo!! I never thought I'd make it 13 weeks.

In celebration, I popped into the Mandai in Shiogama to see if there was anything interesting. This particular shop was underwater after the Tsunami and I'm certain all its stock was lost. They've managed to pack it to the rafters full of Otaku-stuff.

I didn't get much. A fairly rare Pepsiman where he meets the Mad Scientist, a Chewbacca carrying a dismantled C-3PO, Tinkerbell. These items cost me a buck. There were hundreds more caps that I would have gone through but there were hung on a wall with only a rickety ladder to stand upon and allow me to view them. Next time I'll bring binoculars.

A Scarecrow Bearbrick, The Count and a prehistoric bird from one of the old Godzilla movies (if anyone can identify it, I'd appreciate it.)

Here is the Table of Contents and Part 1 of Chapter 1, 妖怪の特ちょう, Yokai Characteristics.

A few more pages tomorrow...

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