The Devil You Say.

I think I've stepped across a line into true Nerdidom. I popped into the Natori Mandai and lo and behold, a Star Trek Barbie And Ken 30th Anniversary Giftset. Today's entry will have a Satanic theme to it so I'd like to say that these two were in the episode "Devil in the Dark" featuring the Horta. I'm certain that the red-shirted female is not long for this world.

Amongst several other items (to be featured from time to time), also found a Bearbrick Daredevil!

As Devil's Night approaches, continuing the International Yokai feature showcases this guy, who looks like Gollum in a well, has no real name and the category is "Secrets of the Yokai."

Now that the preliminary categories are done, we can get to the nitty gritty of the Yokai. First up are the Yokai from Asia. I have no idea who this Dragon in Drag is but she's kind of cute.

Part one of Chapter 2 is about the Characteristics of Yokai and Asian ones range from China to India, the Orient to the Middle East. They share some similarities but also vary greatly. (At least that's what I could translate of the text.)

This is Beruzebubu, the Israeli King of the Flies. He spreads disease like the plague but is well-respected among his fellow Yokai and is often represented as Satan. You may know him better as Beelzebub. Love the Skull tattoos on his wings!

His pal is Asmodeus, a demon king from Iraq whose heads always bicker with each other.

They both are characters that show up in this issue of Captain Marvel Jr. For more Satanic action, be sure to check out Bully's Devilish covers. His blog features a Hanna Barbaric comic daily as well as other spooky items. Highly recommended...


M. H. Boroson said...

The snake-woman is the Chinese goddess Nuwa (女娲).

Thanks for posting the pretty pictures!

Michael Jones said...

Thanks for letting me know about Nuwa.
ps. I quite like your blog, The Daoshi Chronicles.


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