Funky Zombies!

Here are some Grade 3 examples of Halloween. Reminiscent of the Gold Key kid's monster drawings of the 70s, the guys like zombies and monsters and the girls like witches and ghosts. Not a big surprise there.

Speaking of ghosts & witches, while waiting for my clinic to open (Stupid Cold), I came across an interesting Gatcha-capsule. Last year we had Kitty-chan in various monster guises, this year My Melody joins the fray. I got the ghost & witch though I'd like to get the Franken, skeleton or zombie, they are the coolest.

To teach body parts, I utilize a skeleton and a Jack o' lantern. Colour the word and then colour the body part with the same pencil. You get a funky looking rainbow skeleton, these two lads went the extra mile.

女夜叉 (Onna Yasha) is a warthog faced spirit.from China that eats kids.

The 百鬼夜行 (Hyaki Yakou or 100 demons) from China have entered into Japanese folklore as well.

Finally we have your typical Japanese Dragon, 竜 (Ryuu), lots more examples if you're interested.

More tomorrow, I hope (if I'm well enough to go to work!)

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Tsang shu wah said...

So cute of melody,where can buy that ??


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