Pandemonium at Pangaea.

I heard it through the Grapevine that there would be a reunion of the Grapevine patrons. Now, I came to Sendai in the Spring of 2000 so the Grapevine had actually withered and no longer bore fruit. It did though leave a legacy that was revisited on Friday night.

Starting with a DJ (Katsuo Iishi) who played actual vinyl, songs that I have actually heard of and he didn't mix them. A very auspicious beginning indeed.

Next up was a band that I saw at the UFO event in the mountains a few weeks back, Jumping Crows played their unique version of New Orleans style Dixieland music. A little loud in small quarters but definitely rocked the joint.

A few familiar faces and several people who remembered me while it took me a long time to recall who the heck they were.

Finally, along came DJ Mokugohan. He spun some jazzy mash-ups, two of which you can witness below.

Hopefully I'll still be around for their next 15th Anniversary.

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