Wacky Races.

I'm not sure how I did it, but I managed to successfully scan this page! (Pats self on back. Gives credit to BigBob whose birthday it is today and to the Computer Geek co-worker Yo.)

What we have here is the Yokai drive. Several things that go bump in the night decide to go for a drive in the night.
On the far right cheering (or jeering) them on is the Echo Tree 木霊, Kodama, from Germany. I don't know much about our arbourial friend but this gal has an interesting take on it.

Resting at his roots is 土精プッツ, Tsuchi-Sei-Putz, a Mud/Earth spirit from Austria. Here's another version of the wee goblin.

The guy riding the Skeletal Horse is ウストック,  Ustocc from Iraq.

Beside him chowing down on a fish is an エルフ Erufu (that's Elf for the non-Japanese literate) from Europe. Definitely a different version than Peter Jackson's creation.

In the bottom left-hand corner is a ケルピイ Kerupii who hangs out in England. I do believe he had a cameo in The Godfather. I say, "Neigh!"

That little yellow driver with the one eye is supposed to be a レプラカーン, Leprechaun from Ireland. Obviously Shigeru Mizuki has never eaten Lucky Charms!

One of its passengers is an  狼男, Ookami-Otoko (werewolf). Try checking out one of the hosts of the Countdown to see what John Rozum has to say on the subject!

The big grey rock in the background is a ゴーレム, Golem from Czech. I notice that it doesn't have גולם carved in its forehead. I think that's a good thing.

What the Puck is Puck doing atop the roof of the car? It's from England so I can only assume that it's the same one that appeared in A Midsummer's Night Dream.

The little pink lad behind the Werewolf is Kobalt (?) from Germany. He looks as though he's in the middle of a probe.

Finally, flying above them all is チョンチョニー、 ChonーChoni from Chile.

I fairly wiped so it's time for bed. More Yokai action tomorrow!

As for other Wackier Racers, check out the チキチキマシン猛レース!


John Rozum said...

Whenever I read one of your posts, especially this time of year, I think that I'm living in the wrong country. These are great!

Michael Jones said...

Thanks John. I only wish Halloween had a bigger impact. I can only do so much to spread the word.


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