Booze and sleep deprivation don't mix.

Sorry about that last post, but I physically crashed half way through the first paragraph. (It was written at 7:00am!) I am frankly amazed that I was so coherent at the beginning of it and I have no idea about the pig slaughtering line is about. I have a wacky subconcious.

To make a long story short, I got drunk (much against my wishes, I didn't want to go out last night. But I was tempted by the lure of a free beer.) Let's just say I went to Shaft, listened to some tolerable HipHop and an intolerable wanker spouting Hippety-Hoppety jargon throughout the tunes at an annoying decibel. But I drank a few promised freebies and bought a couple of my own.

Then I went to my favourite Hole in the Ground bar, 305 to continue the frolicking. Well they broke out a dartboard and everyone put a 1,000 yen down to bet on the outcome. I cleaned their collective clocks and made 5,000 yen on the deal, but I felt guilty at taking their cash, so I bought them a round of drinks. That's where the "wuss" part comes in. But I made a few Karma points and, over the course of the entire evening, I made 100 yen and I got royally drunk.

My question is..."Where can you redeem those Karma points?" Mikie is in need of some payback soon.

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