It just don't ADD up!

Alex needed a night out after spending 2 weeks with his family, English Camp with his students and the daily routine of infant-care. So after a pint at the Green Shamrock Irish Pub, we wandered over to Club ADD (ADD). We haven't been there in a couple of years, but they have revamped the place a bit and I must say for the better. It was a techno/indie rock/hard house night featuring DJ Lust. He was my least favourite, but there were a few others DJs that were great. But now to my mathematical conundrum.

Two young ladies (Chisato & Kana) came over and chatted with us and they were very friendly. Chi's English was pretty good and they were both good dancers. My problem is that once Alex went home, why didn't either of them hook up with me?

I try not to date anyone who is less than half my age, so that criteria is met. One lass has a DJ boyfriend, but the other is in the clear. Now, her x-axis lined up nicely with her y-axis and her parabolic curves were all in the right places. Granted, some of my pick-up lines may have seemed derivative and I did go off on a tangent occasionally, but I wasn't looking to multiply, merely to have our parallel lines integrate into perpendicular ones. Though I got an email address and offered an invitation to our next Echo event, I fear that the probability of any bisecting has a .02 % chance of success. We'll see...

As an added mathematical bonus, here is Sesame Street's The Count in his first appearance back in 1972:

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