MMMM...Flied Lice.

Yesterday was the first day back at school after Summer Vacation, so all the students were gathered for an Opening Ceremony. The VP yelled at all the students, then they gave out some awards to outstanding students (winners of a Calligraphy contest, top tennis and badminton players, etc.) and then yelling at the students some more.

Usually there is a lot of dyed hair over the summer, but that is fairly easily detectable. Yesterday though, all the teachers swarmed amongst the students and began picking through their hair! I thought there might have been an outbreak of head-lice (虱 or shirami) and the teachers were nit-picking. But it turns out they were searching for hair-extensions. A few of the naughtier girls were sent away to remove the heathen artifices and the students were released.

Hair today, gone tomorrow...

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