I was probed by a bunch of old men!

On Sunday afternoon, Phil and I drove out to Huttonville to visit Alex, his wife Yuko and baby Kaede at his parents' place. They were having a get-together with his father's friends, several fellow councilpersons and relatives. Since Alex was too busy with the baby, I answered the innumerable questions about Japan rendered up by the masses. One older gentleman in particular was very keen on probing me (about info.)

Kaede was in good form, showing off to all her various baby-like antics. There were a few other kids present whom I adorned with either toy dinosaurs or Marvel Superhero characters that I had brought with me.

One very welcome appearance was made by Andreanne and Yuki with their son Noah who had all moved to Toronto about 3 years ago.

There was good food and lots of chatting. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to talk to Alex's parents; his dad was diagnosed with the big C a while back but is in remission. He's much healthier now and they all drove down to a cabin in the US to meet up with Alex's older sister a few days later.

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