The Hostess with the Mostest.

While chowing away on a few munchies at 305, a very pretty young lassie bumped into us in an effort to get some ice from the proprieter. (It's fairly spartan when it comes to space so it's easy to bump into one another.) She filled up two ice buckets and before she departed, I snagged a cube and popped it down her top (it seemed like the proper thing to do after having been drinking for 10 hours straight and she did present her cleavage for all to ogle.) She wasn't at all fazed, smiled and exchanged pleasantries with us. When lo & behold, what should I find, but her cell phone which she had left behind.

So I wandered up a few flights in the elevator to find her bar and much to my surprise (not), there was a room full of guys being entertained by similarly endowed young ladies! I returned the phone, got a pleasant hug, she gave me her phone number(!) and I wandered back to the speak-easy. After finishing up our brews, we pooled our meagre shekels together and wandered back upstairs.

Well, we were greeted with great flourish & fanfare and were escorted to a table in the corner. Miho cuddled up next to me and we all had a beer and sang a few tunes on the ever-handy Karaoke machine. All was going swimmingly until it came time to pay the piper. Our one beer each amounted to 9,600¥ for the three of us. Alas, Mark had to bear the brunt of the cost, and we got out of there with our dignity intact. Before we departed, Miho and I had made tentative plans to meet on her day off...

Mark and I knew very well from the beginning what kind of place we were entering (a HOSTESS BAR, ooooh!) But poor Michael, a very naive and very married and very chaste scientist from the South of France was very taken aback by the type of establishment we had entered. He got on his high horse and was ready to burn the heathen edifice to the ground. We calmed him down and all crashed at his place for a few hours.

I got an email from dear Miho a few hours later, inviting me back. I still haven't responded to it...

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