Global Warming: Myth or Reality?

Apparently here in Sendai, it was unusually cool with an average temperature around 25-30℃. Normally it's stifling hot and humid. Today is a hot, humid day but not unbearably so.

In the frozen wasteland known as Canada, we had a record high temperature of 37℃ on Tuesday and other days were around 35 or 36℃. A tornado swept through parts of Ontario on Wednesday and I drove through sporadic rainshowers to that very area the following day.

I went out to my old University alumnus of Guelph to see my friend Iris. I beat her at Scrabble and gave a "Mad Scientist" toy to her son and he is now either blowing up their house or curing cancer. It was a pleasant enough visit, but the drive in the rain was pretty hairy at times.

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