She had a lot of Gall.

One of the main reasons I make annual sojourns to Toronto is to go see my mom in the hospital. She suffered a stroke about 10 years ago and has been in long-term care since then. She can communicate somewhat and can move the right side of her body, but lately her health has deteriorated somewhat. When I went to see her on Saturday afternoon, I learned that 2 days before, she had suffered a complication with her Gall Bladder (胆嚢 or tan-nou) so she was feverish, sleepy and uncommunicative. She also had kidney problems, a urine infection and barely acknowledged my presence before falling asleep again. NOT a very nice start to a visit.

Fortunately as the week drew on, her condition improved and by the end of the week she was asking and answering questions. She was still a little out of it, but smiled once or twice and was truly glad to see me.

Here is a picture from Christmas and the best of the current photos I took.

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