My kanji skills get evaluated.

I met up with a trio of friends on the Tuesday and presented them with their very own copies of my 書道 (shodo) expertise. All of us worked at a company called Market Facts (now Synovate) over the last 2 decades and all but Bob have moved on to bigger and better things.

Deb Irwin: a fellow sci-fi nut, she works for a bank in some kind of wacky managerial position (I don't really know what she does, and most of the time neither does she.)
Her kanji was: De-bo-ra (出 分 部)=The Department of Rising Odds
Eru-u-in (得る 鵜 陰)To Get a Negative Cormorant

Dorothy Gordon: Dorothy used to be a theatrical and cinematic actress back in the 50's and 60's in Merry old London and immigrated to Canada in the 70's with her hubby. She has since retired from MF and has entered back into the world of acting in Toronto. I saw her in a play last year and she crops up in commercials and movies every now and then. We also have the distinction of working with Charles Bronson, albeit 20 years apart.
Doro-shi (泥 市)= Mud City
Go-don (剛 呑)= a Strong Drink

Robert Browning: I've known this guy for over 20 years now. He was a friend of a university mate, Blair and later became a close pal of mine. I got him the job at MF and apart from a 6-month leave of absence to work in PEI, he has never forgiven me for getting him that job.

Bo-bu (某 武) Don't be Strong
Brown-in-gu (茶色 印 具) Brown Seal Ingredient (I didn't feel like breaking "Brown" into 3 kanji, so I just used cha-iru which means brown)

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