Other Familial Obligations.

I saw my younger brother for a few minutes while in town visiting my mom and he seemed well. He was sporting a long Fu Manchu style beard and was no longer homeless. I gave him a few packs of "Peace" fags and an anime lighter and he seemed pleased.

I visited my older brother a few times and got to catch up with the nieces. The eldest will be entering 2nd Year of University in Political Science at Carlton in Ottawa and I'm happy to learn that she has inherited my brother's and my sense of humour. Much to the chagrin of her mom, she is quick on punning and can be quite biting sarcastically. The younger 17-year old niece is a real social butterfly and was rarely around for a few minutes worth of chatting. She is in grade 10 or 11 at a fancy School for the Arts and is majoring as a ballerina. I brought a tape of her performance back to show the Dance students at school.

I had a tasty BBQ steak on Monday night and watched "Syriana" on DVD. Cool movie, but you really need to pay attention and it helps if you've read a newspaper in the last 5 years to know what's going on.

I got NO pictures of the family (they're not very photogenic) but here's a few new pics of the dogs. (They're very photogenic.)

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