Pixar presents CARS.

Upon arrival, I discovered that I was unable to rent a car because my VISA card was rejected. (It turns out that I need to inform my VISA card people of my intention to rent a car before I go to the rental agency. This would be helpful information to know, before one goes to the Rental counter. It would also help if someone at VISA spoke English, so I could inform them!) So this led to a lazy Friday night at Phil's, quaffing a few and engaging in some illicit substances, not quite legal in this end of the world.

The next day we went to our local Thrifty's rental which provided me with a car for only 189$ for the week! Of course, when you add all the taxes, insurance, gas, double-driver, etc. it came to 492$ but that is still pretty cheap compared to the 750$ quoted at the airport.

The sub-compact I had ordered wasn't available, so I got a free double-upgrade to a Chrysler 300, or as I like to call it, "The Pimpmobile". It was a joy to drive and was pretty good on gas. Good thing too, for gas had jumped by over 30 cents a litre since Xmas. It was between $1.05-$1.15 per litre (by comparison Japan is around 1.20/litre and has been for over a year!)

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