Le Retour de Superhomme.

Superman in French could be Superhomme, well the latest movie is more like a Super-HOMAGE. There are several nits at which one could pick and it's not so much a remake or a sequel as it is a rehash, but it is a good rehash (or as Alex calls it, "a remix.") I won't give anything away except that Luthor is eviler, Lois is cuter and Supes is superer.

My main complaint is that Lois is too hot. Her predecessor, Margot Kidder, was 30 when she played the role. Kate is now 23 and she has a 5-year old son (who got an A in Science...since when do they teach Science in kindergarten-sorry, I said I wouldn't nitpick.) I guess when Uberman circled around the Earth to reverse time and save her life, it acts as a Fountain of Youth too.

So go see it for yourself and judge it on its own merits, not as a sequel/ prequel/ rehash/ remake or remix.

Oh and by the way, another Lois, Noel Neill, makes a cameo somewhere in the movie. (She's now 86 years young.) Noel remarked that a frequent question from her audience was, "How come you never recognized that Clark Kent was Superman, even when he had his glasses off?" She said her stock answer was, "Because I wanted to keep my job!"

Lots of Lois:

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