Familial Kanji.

I never did write down the Kanji names of my family members, so here goes:

Jones: Ji-on-zu 冶 恩 図 (A Diagram to Rule with Kindness)

mother Edna: (E-do-na) 絵 度 菜 (To Carry a Green Picture)

brother Mark: (Ma-aku) 魔 悪 (Aberrant Evil)...He loved this one, but my Japanese co-workers vehemently pooh-poohed it, so I created a more PC version: (Ma-ku) 真 久 (Continued Truth)

Sister-in-law Pat: There is no natural "pa" sound in Japanese, so I went with her nickname, Trish: (Tori-shu) 鳥 朱 (Vermillion Bird)

Niece Christie: (Kuru-su-chi) 来 素 知 (To come to Knowledge Simply)

Niece Torie (To-ri) 兎 利 (A Rabbit Village) (鳥 = Tori which means bird is too obvious, so I opted against it.)

Brother Stephen (Su-chi-ben) 守 知 文 (To Protect through Wisdom and Literature)

I presented these as calligraphed kanji and all were duly impressed. I'm going to create some for my sister and her family now and post them later.

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