ARRRR! Avast there, mateys!

Today be annual "Talk like a Pirate Day",
so grab your rum and YOHOHO away!

"Avast, belay, yo ho, heave to, A-pirating we go! And if we're parted by a shot, we're sure to meet below! Yo ho, yo ho, the pirate life, the flag o'skull and bones! A merry hour, a hempen rope, and hey for Davy Jones."

Come night, I be seein' Cap'n Jack Sparrow and his motley crew (Not Motley Crue!)So all o'ye be sure to see a Pirate (not pirated!) movie tonight! Try "Muppet Treasure Island"/ the anime "Animal Treasure Island" or the grandaddy of 'em all, "Treasure Island". If ye be brave, get yer mitts on "Yellowbeard" or "Peter Pan" and blow the man down!
Most of all...Be certain ye all talk like pirates! Ye Scurvy Dogs!

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