Beware The Triangu-Dragon!

Still weary so another quickie. Some more monster art from my Grade 5s from a while back. I can't wait until the week after next so I can do formal Halloween lessons.

We went through colours with a skeleton and pumpkin and then on the reverse, they were to draw a monster using shapes and then name their creation.

 Gatchin Girl
 Akuma-chan (Devil girl?)
 Star Monster
 Irui Robot (Clothing robot or Variety robot.)
 Wo-aa (War)
 Mekakunin (I dunno, Hypno-cat?)
 Robot and Toge-toge.
 Buta-Saakuru (Pig-circle)
 Hato Suta Engeru (Heart Star Angel)
 Neko Monstaa (Cat Monster) and Kuma Monstaa (Bear Monster)
 Not sure. I dub him: Flasher.
 The twirly one is Guru-guru (upper left), to his right is Gurunguru Imomure (?), in the centre is another Toge-Toge, on the right is Kira-kira (Twinkly), and a TV (?).
 Nyan-Robo (Meow-Robot)

 Hitotsu Mekyu Ryuu (A Mecha Dragon?), Hitotsu Mechibi (?), and Hitotsu Mehindama (?)

 Toge and Shippi.

 Hiyoko, Buta, Yuki-Daruma, Neko and Kuma (Chick, Pig, Snowman, Cat and Bear)
This last one is awesome: Trian-doragon! (Triangu-Dragon)

Here is some 3D art from Attack on Titan:

Not really art, but it's a poster full of stickers that I can't bear to give away. It greets me at the front door.

This morning, I needed an extra kick so I had a Coffee Monster, I didn't care for it (not really a coffee-guy) nor did it seem to give me extra energy. Oh well.

And finally some coffee sticks courtesy of Rilakkuma.

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