Out Of Shape.

I'd given my students an assignment to draw me some homemade monsters using the various shapes we'd just learned (triangles, squares, circles, etc.) Here are the results of my Grade 4s. I also asked them to give their creations a name.

Gero or Hero?
 Stalker-Man and Stalker-Dog
 The Triangular-headed dude is Pika. Not sure about the others.
 Ojisan-Kakashi (Old man Scarecrow)
 Onafu? (It's a bit blurry.)
 Gu-ru Gu-ru (The onomatopoeia for going in circles.)
 Raburi Neko-chan Monstaa (Lovely Cat Monster)
My favourite Youkai, Karakasa Obake (Umbrella Creature) and in the upper corner is Noppera-bou or No Face!

Today's Titan contribution is a slightly dumpy version of Colossus.

Keeping with the misshapen theme, here are a few malformed Jacks.

To finish off the monster theme, here are some Yokai Watch candies along with a trading card of Denpaku Kozou.

Yeah, I don't get it either but the kids love it!

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