Travel Time.

When one travels to all the corners of the Earth to see some of the top ten Haunted Places*, what does the chic traveller carry?

*FYI, here is one dude's impression of the top ten Haunted Places.

When I last flew home, I used Gachapin as my carry-on bag. (He served me well but the time before, my Gachapin bag split open. Don't over stuff him!)

Furthermore, if you want to haul stuff around, I'd advise using the Gachapin/Muku tote bag.

Another tote bag you might consider would be this lavish Mikasa Ackerman Training Corps one. Particularly handy for storing weapons should you undergo an Attack on Titan.

Another stylish carry-on one can use to schlep around your delicates and toiletries would be either of these fine Nightmare Before Christmas bags.

(Btw, if you'd like to buy any of these items at your local haberdashery, you'd be out of luck for all of the above items were won at UFO Catcher.)

If you're a wizened traveller like Woodstock, you are sure to dress for the occasion using the ol' "When in Rome" method. For instance when going to England or France, you have to either wear the garb of a Royal Guard or a Chef.

 In Japan, you'd be remiss if you didn't wear a kimono, similarly a turban is necessary in India.

I did not realize that it is recommended that you ware a barrister's wig when on a walkabout in Australia. Crocodile Dundee lied to me.

And of course, if you want to be blend in in America, you simply must emulate the Statue of Liberty. Woodstock is so adorable in this getup, I simply had to showcase him at three different angles.

I bought some Fanta-stic drinks today and though I don't know who these chaps and lasses are on the Orange and Grape pops, they seem to be all ready for Halloween. Pop over to fanta.jp and surf around there to see what they're all about and enter the contest for presents!

When I purchased the pop, I was given two free cloaks. Now I know what to wear when it rains and they are very compact thus easy to pack.

Once you get on the plane, if you're anything like me, you have a hard time sleeping during the flight. That's why I carry a "Flight" eyemask for snoozing. One warning though, chances are pretty good that you'll be mistaken for Denzel Washington and may be asked to fly the plane in an emergency.

It's tough to get comfortable as well, so bring your Titan pillow, or better yet, a Sadako headrest.

Happy Flighto!

I forgot to do a shout-out to a fellow Countdown to Halloween bloggers yesterday, so now you get two.

Belle Dee of the Doo Wacka Doodles blog always has some of the cutest items either on display or for sale. Check it out!

A guy who knows his vowels can be found at AEIOU and Sometimes Why. Always something interesting happening there and it looks like we'll be treated to some Spooky Sounds this month.

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