Diddly Squat About Squiddly Dot.

I broke down and ate at McDonald's for two days in a row! But today was justified as they have just introduced two new sandwiches, The Ikasumi-burger and the Camembert Chicken Fillet. I tried them both.

As the name Ikasumi refers to Squid Ink, you would expect some squid ink in your meal and I suppose they wanted to equate blackness with the witch they have pictured. The bun is also black, presumably some ink was involved in the baking process and the sauce is black. Never having consumed squid ink before I had no idea what it'd taste like and I must say I was NOT disappointed. Tangy and flavourful, add in some crispy onion/bacon bits and you get a pretty good burger. Messy and disgusting looking, but tasty.

As expected, the Chicken fillet came with a white bun to add to its ghostly appearance. The first bite came with a pungent stab of Camembert, not unpleasant but a bit of a shock. After that, the rest of the sandwich was edible but nothing spectacular. If I had to choose another meal, I would eat the Squiddly one.

Speaking of squiddly, here is the intro to Squiddly Diddly, a creepy 6-legged gastropod that performs at a circus.

 Today's Titanic contribution is two dioramas I picked up yesterday. Very creepy indeed.

And I'll finish off with one of the creepier NBC items I possess. This is a coin bank. Not many people would pick that up looking for spare change.

Oh yeah, I also ate a Pumpkin McFlurry with Oreos. This was the first McFlurry I've ever consumed and you could definitely taste the (artificial) pumpkin and I found the crunchiness of the Oreos more distracting than tasty. Meh.

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Shawn Robare said...

I can't even begin to tell you how much I want to try that squid in k burger. Man, sooooo envious...


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