Who Was That Masked Man?

I have my first formal Halloween lesson tomorrow for my Grade 3s and every year I take a few masks for the more gregarious kids to show off in.

I shall use at least two of these masks for Halloween this year, but I won't tell you which ones! Try and guess (one is a rerun.)

I bought a few new ones several weeks ago at a 100 yen shop in Morioka before they sold out. Since very few of my masks are for the gals, I picked up a pair of Mardi Gras masques and some accessories.

Here are the other new ones:

Some Disney ones.

Lots of Super Heroes!

And the Scary ones!

Now even scarier than these are these animal masks that accidentally got half melted in the dryer. Fortunately I can salvage the ears.

This should make quite the parade in class tomorrow! For sure, they'll have a better time than Charlie Brown.


Lady M said...

I like the pluto mask best.

Michael Jones said...

Pluto is definitely a crowd-pleaser.


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