Trick or Miku.

I don't go to Family Mart as often as I do other Conbinis, mainly because it isn't as convenient and their goodies aren't much to my liking.

Today, I happened across an entire set of these 6 Miku Hatsune Vocaloid (probably sold randomly at 500 yen each), for a mere 800! You can get better scans at Miku Bearbricks but to save you the trouble, here are some pics.
REVISION: These are all members of the Electroid group Vocaloid. Miku is the blurry Blue-haired one below.

(The Secret one wasn't for sale. It sells on eBay for about 25 bucks if you want to track it down.)

Miku raises her big-eyed holographic head once more in this Family Mart campaign.
The campaign goes by the slogan, Trick or Miku and you can win all kinds of cool prizes (see link) but I have no idea how to accumulate points in order to win.

Miku has even made an appearance on Letterman recently performing one of her tunes in that mechanically produced tone that she does so well.

What follows are several other videos of a Halloweenish nature starting with Mrs. Pumpkin.

Trick or Sweet at Pachinko!

Trick or Treat (tune only)

This one is Trick AND Treat (Or is it Trick or Treat, who knows?)

I picked up a couple packs of Wafer cookies that include a card and here's what I got.

This is to go with these cards:

Speaking of Bearbricks (as I was at the top of this page), I saw these at Loft today and would have snapped them up if they weren't for 15 bucks a pop!

Though these NBC creations are about the size of Bearbricks, they aren't. The Jack is a mini-Bobblehead and the Ghost Teddies are just creepy pieces of plastic that look like they've been carved out of wood.

Finally, these Titan characters are neither Bobbly nor Bricky but they are cool.

Wait a sec, is that guy wearing underpants?

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