Crèche Crashing.

Every year a few weeks before Christmas, my mother would set out a crèche depicting the Nativity Scene. And every year, I would add a guest to the scene just to liven it up a bit. You know, Darth Vader about to slay baby Jesus, a dinosaur among the sheep and donkeys, ET perched above the manger, the usual stuff. And every year, she would yell at me and force me to remove my addition. I don't know which of my siblings ended up with it, but I wish I had it now. Here are 19 characters that would definitely be welcome at any Nativity Scene.

These are about an inch tall and came in a box with two random figures. The final two were "Secret" and rare and I am so glad that I have an entire set. They are so intricate and detailed, I'm going to put them under my tree this year.

Of course, I'd add a Titan-slayer to the bunch, just to spice it up a bit.

Merry Christmas Halloween!

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