Take Me Up To The Ballgame!

The real world entered into my Halloween fantasy world so I'm unable to produce a "normal" Halloween post. Luck would have it though that I managed to link some wacky alternative spin on Baseball to fit a Halloweeny theme.

So for the first time this season (and maybe the last time since the season ends on Monday), I made it to a Rakuten Eagles game. A co-worker who happens to be the mother of a former student of mine, procured the tickets and we had some nice seats out in Right Field.

Alas, our team lost 7-4 after blowing their 4-1 lead but thanks to the beer girls, we still had a good time.

The first of those three gals drew a little picture on each of the cups that she sold!

We were also close enough to the field that we got a fairly good view of the cheerleaders, the blurriness of the photos is my fault, not theirs.

Oops, I forgot to tilt my phone when filming the 7th inning balloon send off!

Best of all, I managed to snag a shirt at 50% regular price for the right fielder, Okashima.

Now to make this a little more Halloweenish, here is a box of cookies that I bought on the way home from the game.

More importantly than this is the discovery of a video that has long eluded me. Back in 1980, Nelvana studio created a Baseball video that puts an Alien spin on your typical Kevin Costner flick. Take Me Up To The Ballgame was one of my favourite specials back in the day and I've been looking for a copy of it for ages. Here it is in three parts for your perusal, Enjoy!

Back to a regular Halloween post tomorrow...

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