Marjorin, Better Than Butter.

I had the pleasure of watching a School Assembly today with a performance by each of the grades 1-6 even though I have the beginning of a cold setting in.

The Grade 1s sang some anime tunes including a less Enka-version of this:

The Grade 2s performed some drama that was tough to follow for it took place long, long ago. The VP translated the title as "Endless Happy".

The Grade 3s sang or played a few anime tunes on recorder. When I walk by the room, it is usually a cacophonous caterwaul of recorder squeaks. Today, they played wonderfully. I heard Dragonball, Doraemon and a kickass version of the Youkai Watch theme!

The highlight was a truncated non-musical version of the musical Majorin, a play about a witch which defies a coven of other witches and a wizard to help out some puny humans. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Here is the staff used by the Head Wizard.

The Grade 5s performed an all-recorder version of this song with clips from the movie (The Wind Also Rises) shown on a screen. This song always brings a tear to my eye.

Then they came on strong with a full orchestral version of this tune 翔べグライダー about a flying glider.

They ended with the tune GUTS by Arashi. It had me humming along.


Now that I know that the title for the Grade 6 play translates 人間になりたがった猫 (ningen ni naritagatta neko) into The Cat Who Wished to Be a Man it makes a lot more sense. During the performance I was somewhat flummoxed as to what was going on. They did a non-musical version of this:

All in all, a fun day and I'm glad I fought the urge to call in sick.

(I'll double up on the Nightmare/Titan stuff tomorrow, I'm going back to bed.)

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