No, Nekophilia is not an sexual attraction to dead people, rather it is a term I coined to show one's affinity with Cats. I personally am not a cat-person, but I do like a creepy cat as much as the next guy. Here are several for your amusement interspersed with a few feline films.

I saw these odd little videos today and that's what inspired me to do a cat-post.

First up, it's Angry (or is it Hangry) the cat.

Here are the ex-Morning Musume musicians in their own feline funky feature.

I didn't know that Nyanpire had its own cartoon. (Some things are better left unknown.)

I've shown some of these in previous years but it's worth breaking them out again.

Hello Kitty as mini-stuffed creatures, specifically Franken, Dracula, Ghost, Witch, Zombie and Little girl/Scarecrow?? (I really don't know what the last one here is.)

Kitty as a vampire, in German no less!

Zombie Kitties and a few more of the above as key-chain accessories!

Make your own Hello Kitty Cupcake Zombie Toppers! (Warning: Very dull narration.)

Kiki's kitty, Jiji!

Neko-Musume of Gegege fame:

Just to show how ubiquitous Felix the Cat is, here he is riding a cow before it's about to get its tongue lopped off to make Gyutan!

Here is Kitty Cosplaying as both Rei Ayanami and Shikinami Asuka of Evangelion fame.

Speaking of Evangelion cosplaying...

Unfortunately, Sally's Black Cat has never to my knowledge been marketed so instead of a NBC character, let's choose the cat Whiskers from Frankenweenie.

(Here's the poop about Whiskers from the Wiki page:

The school bell rings, and Victor walks to his bike, and finds "The Weird Girl" waiting for him, cradling her creepy-eyed, Persian Cat. She tells him that her cat Whiskers has a special power. It can predict the future through its excrement. She unveils a dry cat-turd, which she had been carrying, which forms the letter "V." She explains that when classmate Toshiaki (James Hiroyuki Liao) pitched a no-hitter in baseball, the night before Whiskers pooped-out a "T." When obese classmate Bob (Robert Capron) injured himself by falling into an open manhole, Whiskers pooped a "B." When spooky classmate Nassor got knocked-out cold by a fastball while playing catcher, Whiskers pooped out an "N.")

Watch Whiskers transform into a vampire-cat!

There isn't a lot to do with Cats on Attack on Titan so instead I spelled out the word "Cat" using a few emaciated humans and an actual cat messing around with the theme song.

Finally, I happened to Gacha-capsule Neko-zilla the other day. There were several normally-coloured kitties but I had to get the blue one!

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