Mukashi, Mukashi.

Once Upon a Time (Mukashi, Mukashi), I was really proficient at UFO Catcher. So good that I would come home with 1-2 duffel bag sized bags stuffed full of goodies. I still have some of the booty and if you've been reading along this month, 90% of the Nightmare Before Christmas loot was via the Crane games.

For example, here are some strings of Jack heads and a handful of Jack balls perfect for hanging on a tree.

That was then, this is now. I could get 2 or three balls in a single swoop but now it takes me two or three tries for a single item. Such as these Disney Villains. I managed to get the entire set but it cost me a few sheckles to do so.

To get at these, I had to move a few of these Gloomy Rabbits out of the way. I like the pink one.

Even harder were these IronMan figures. There are a ton of them still there and it took a few coins to get these ones.

I had lots of time to kill yesterday and I have a friend who would definitely love to take these off my hands, I managed to get 8 Frozen Tapes fairly easily and surprisingly enough, 7 of them were different, only 1 repeat!

 She'd also like this pair of spoons.

I haven't tried to catch any Attack on Titan stuff lately. It is usually too tough to achieve. Here is a set of memo pads instead...

No more catching for the time being! (Aw, who am I kidding. I'll be at it again this weekend, I'm sure.)

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