Creature Of Habit!

Holy Crap! Where has this month gone? It's already October 29th!

Here's something I received several days ago from the Countdown to Halloween 2014 hosts. Some very cool stickers from John Rozum and Shawn Robare.

Honouring the Creature's 60th is the theme of this year's countdown and I love it!

The stickers:

 A vintage Halloween card.
 Stickers on the envelope.
 The logo this year.
 And the coolest sketch by Shawn himself! So brilliant!

Here are a handful of sketches by today's batch of Grade 6ers. Not as much talent as yesterday but some show promise.

That last one is pretty freaky!

Here are some Jack et al. Bobbleheads.

All of these have been displayed on my wall for years. These are the ONLY toys to not fall down during the big quake of 3/11/11! Next quake, I'm standing next to this wall.

I thought this was a bobblehead when I won it at UFO Catcher. It isn't, just a standard figure though it still kicks a fair amount of ass.

I'm supposed to be working on my costume tonight. I finally got the last of the items I need to put it together and have procrastinated all night so I suspect it may never get done. We'll see...
ps. The costume in question is for the party over at Ernies Bar  on Friday night. Be there or BEWARE!  


Shawn Robare said...

Cool! So glad those got there safe. Those sketches form your class are fun, and that last one is great!

Michael Jones said...

The extra cool thing is that these kids whip off these diagrams in less than 10 minutes at the end of the lesson.


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