My Mandibles Are Everywhere...

"My mandibles are everywhere." is a statement that I never thought I'd ever utter, but I did last night at a Halloween party hosted by The Gaijins. Since all of the attendees would never have met me four or eight years ago when I'd previously worn this costume, I once again adorned an extra pair of legs, my Beetle-head and added three more coleopterans to portray John, Paul, George, and Ringo in a Kafkaesque amalgam. (The little cockroach near my groin is to represent Yoko Ono but I didn't reveal that to many others.) There were so many excellent costumes that I didn't have a chance of winning yet I still managed to make my mark on people. Here I am in action:

 It was to Pocahontas here that I uttered my mandibles line. More about her later.
 My favourite costume of the night was Gachapin. More about him later too.
 I had to pose with a fellow arthropod, in this case, a bumblebee.
 Tackled and tickled.
 My favourite female costume of the day, Mononoke Hime. (If you can read Spanish, you can watch Part 1 and Part 2.) More about her later.
 I'm pretty sure this was a party-goer and not just some random high school kid who wanted to pose with me.

 A Sailor Moon clone and another "high schooler".
 More about this gal with the slit throat later.

DJ Mokogohan spun his iPod to great effect. Here he is channeling Keith Richards.

First up some pictures of the band members. I have no idea which band is which, but I heard Watch Me Crash, RIVIED , RIVa, Captain DD, Seren, ザ・ガイジンズ (The Gaijins) and Awkward Age. (Okay, I do know the last two.)

Those Smurfs were the aforementioned Gaijins. I managed to catch two seconds of their performance before my phone died.

For those of you who saw enough, don't click the next video where they perform one of my Karaoke standards, otherwise enjoy...

Spidey/Peter Parker there is the lead singer of Awkward Age who rocked the joint as well.

If you look carefully, you can see my mandibles being fondled on the dance floor!

This is what those guys sounded like last year...

DJ Mokugohan incognito.

 He finally got to ply his trade to great acclaim.
 It was terrific to see a full dance floor for his terrifying tunes once again.

There was even a Hippety-Hoppety dance off that I participated in once or twice.

 Welcome back to the fold, Mokugohan!

Coming up are several photos of the crowd. Silly inane comments when deemed necessary, otherwise just the pics.
First up some Superheroes/villains:

 When I called her Kara, she didn't seem to know what I was talking about.
 Casual Fridays Hulk.
 Classic Ditko pose with the half Spider-man/ half Peter Parker face.
 Terrific Transformer and a couple of Jedi.
I was surprised to learn that Joker is a dame!

Now a random mishmash of all the rest.

 More Gachipin. Don't ya just luv those eyes and teeth?
 Vamping it.
 Terrific clown who also played drums for one of the bands.
Yes that Hot Dog does have a phallic stream of mustard dangling.

 Which one "Walks like an Egyptian" better?

 This vampire has a classic anime feel to it.

That Mini Stop behind her is the reason I don't have a massive hangover today. Once more into the abyss, Yebisu!
Look, it's Kiki and Jiji!
 This guy was a hodgepodge of several Rock stars.
 Turns out that this dapper dude is a magician who performed later in the evening.
 A couple of cuties.
 I took these pics with my Smur-phone. (Thanks for the gag, Wade.)

 Cutest leopard in the pack.
 Relatively few princesses at the party. Elsa perhaps?

Looks like a scene from "The Walking Dead".

 Several Sailors Moon.

Hey, it's this guy!

 I'm not up to date on my Mario Brothers. Is that Luigi?
 Far superior mummy to my outfit from last year. A lot easier to make as well.
 no comment necessary
 The only Jason. Nice job.
 One of the few with zombified makeup. I expected more Walkers.
Take a peek at Pikachu.
 Gypsy? Piratess? Not sure.
 He doesn't look like a very Mad Hatter to me.
Le fantôme.
The only Mika I saw.

 Zombie? Vampire? I'm not sure but he does look classy.
 I've got you under my skin.
 I was one of the few who knew Hunter by name.

 The only other zombie I saw.
 She looks great.
 Like a fairy tale come true.

 Must be Peter Pan for he doesn't have Robin Hood's quiver.
 Remember Pocahontas from way back? She was one of 10 finalists for best costume. But she didn't win.

Neither did Mononoke Hime, she came third. The clown from earlier came second. And who won the 10000 yen prize?

This guy!
Sure he had a lot of balls to wear that outfit but it certainly did NOT deserve first prize!

Anyway, my highlight of the evening was a pleasant chat for 10 minutes about snails with the slit-throat gal. She a gastropod specialist at the university and I had such a good time talking to her that I gave her an extra one of my beetles. She was the only person who figured out that I was The Beatles yet she could name the specific Beetles that I wore. (She got a Golden beetle!)

Great party. Let's hope when DJ Mokugohan plies his trade again on Friday at Ernies Bar, lightning will strike twice!

And by the way, there was NO Nightmare Before Christmas costumer but there was a Titan player.

Mikasa! (And she understood my Spanish reference when I said, "mi casa es tu casa!")

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