A Mandai Hugginkiss.

I often frequent the Mecca of Mecha, Mandai, in Tagajo or Izumi but I haven't been to the one in Natori for over a year. I'm glad I didn't take too much cash with me otherwise I might still be there.

First I delved into its throngs of little toys 'n bits hanging on the wall and picked up a handful of items, notably this Killer Panda for half a buck.

I found a few Godzilla goodies I don't have and a few more Titan tidbits, such as this towel.

I found a manga I'll showcase later as well as a few Movie Pamphlets (there was only one I really wanted but they were 3/100 yen so I got a couple more.) I wondered through the dvds hoping to land a bargain
and came up with this. I'm not sure if this is the definitive version of the "Slit-mouthed woman" or Kuchisake-onna but it should be good for a nightmare or two.
It looks like I got this: 都市伝説urban legend)version. It's probably a lame documentary.

As I was walking out, I espied this UFO Catcher machine that has you scoop up a ping pong ball and drop it into the coloured whole and you win a prize. The prize happened to be an Attack on Titan mystery bag and I'm a sucker for those. So i wasted several coins in an attempt to win to no avail until I cheated and instead of scooping from the ping pong ball basket, I went straight for the tray and tried to knock a ball into it directly. That worked on my second try.

The bag itself is almost worth the price I spent and this is what the bag contains. A nice little figure, a long wallet (how does anyone carry these without getting their pockets picked?), a fan and two little mystery boxes.

Now I'm certain that they assemble these bags on the premises so you'd think they'd fill them with loot that would encourage one to try and catch another bag. NOPE. It contained two identical little boxes. WTF!

 (I know it is the only figure they have left over and it was stuffed in all of the bags but it is still frustrating as heck.)

I went to the nearby Toys R Us in an attempt to find some Guardians Goods (no such luck) and found a cool toy car and almost bought these Chameleon eyes.

I found a few more Godzilla goodies at a nearby Hobby-Off (a spawn of Book-Off) which I'll show off later and then ended up at the Aeon Mall because I was hungry and wanted to see what was at the Cinema. Lo and behold, some Guardians Goodies that aren't in any of the other Cinema shops.

Funko Bobbleheads at only 410 yen each. Whoa, if they're nice I'll get several. I took two to the counter and he rang them up and it came to 1900 yen. My math isn't what it used to be so I questioned the validity and sure enough they were mislabeled and cost 950 each. Ah well, I bought by booty anyway. At odds of 1 in 12 of getting a cool Bobblehead, it's worth the chance.

I opened them up and, sure enough, two copies of Drax. I think I know what Alex is getting for his birthday in a few weeks.

Ah well, a few more minutes of UFO Catcher landed me this NBC item, Jack trimming the tree.

I almost never eat at McDonald's unless it's for a cool Happi Setto but I was famished and had a burger. Wait, what's this? Starting tomorrow a new Halloween special!

The lower one is a Chicken fillet with Camembert cheese and the top one is taking its cue from Burger King and is offering a bun dyed with Squid Ink! Ooh, I can't wait...

If you skip to the 4:45 point, you'll hear Bart's prank call that is the inspiration for this post's title.

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Shawn Robare said...

Whoa, Halloween at McDonalds?!? We never get that here... :p


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