Birthday Boy!

There's nothing like a late October birthday to get one in the mood for Halloween. That being said, I spent the entire day yesterday with Alex "Mokugohan" Hutton for a pre-birthday BBQ.

Doesn't he look great for 43? I've known him for over 30 years now and he just gets better with age.

After he put on his skin, he looked even better and I gave him a Drax which his mini-Drax immediately stole away from him.

Mmm. Giblets. There was lots of meat and even some green stuff to consume.

I just happened to have some Cookies and Marshmallows handy for dessert.

After the sun went down, we moved the party indoors for Cake and Costumes!

Keep it twisted, sister. Here's to the next 30!


John Rozum said...

That anatomical model is amazing!

Michael Jones said...

Isn't it though? It's about 3 feet high and is both creepy and cool. The game runs for about 35 bucks so I won't be getting it until it drops in price.


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