Yesterday And Today.

The Beatles Beetles made another appearance yesterday, this time as a (slightly hungover) volunteer at a friend's school in Rifu (Mega Bluebird**) for their Halloween party. I'd lost a beetle at the Darts Bar so I replaced it with a Golden Beetle and I left my spare pair of legs behind. Otherwise, it was the same costume as Saturday and it did a wonderful job of freaking out the kiddies. Because I had many dangling appendages, it wasn't prudent for me to be serving drinks to wee ones and quite frankly my presence wasn't really required; all was in order. So I choose the role of "Creep the Kids out", a pastime that I am well suited for.

They had some snacks that I didn't assist in preparing or handing out and just made silly comments or tapped a kid on the should with my mandibles begging for a bite. I never did get any food though it did look yummy.

The decorations were pretty cool as well.

Each of the staff were decked out in great costumes, such as this Camera-Man get up. Awesome authenticity.
 Donald, not Daisy I don't think. The kids were amused when I spoke to her in a Donald Duck voice.
 Olaf, melting the hearts of children everywhere. (My apologies to the cat whose costume I didn't get a chance to photograph.)
 Goku?, believe it or not (I wouldn't), he shaved his head specifically to don this costume.
 And casting the spell, Expecto Patronum, which protects all from evil, Harriet Potter.
Much to my surprise and pleasure, I espied Yvonne grinning away as a Cheshire Cat. (I'm pretty sure she just forgot to change out of her pajamas and stuck on a pair of cat ears.)

 Check out this video and compare it to her costume.

The kids practiced a few tunes and then paraded around the mall. I delighted in frightening passersby whenever possible. After the parade, we gathered to a stage and the kids sang their practiced songs, including one that I had just taught them. I made my public debut singing the numbers 1-24 to the tune of "Let it Go."

En route, a few other store clerks joined in the parade including this gal from a retail shop. I called her Cupcake Girl though more accurately, she should be dubbed D-Cupcake Girl.

After the kiddies went home, I bumped into a former Tokiwagi student whose kids attend Bluebird. Holy crap! I have students out there who have 3 kids one of whom is 7-8! I feel SO OLD.

Being a selfish sort, I couldn't leave empty handed so I asked for a loot bag. This is what I got, cool!

** I can't recall which of my beetles I dubbed Paul McCartney but here he and Wings sing Bluebird:

In order to meet the requirements of today's post heading, here are a couple of pumpkins that my Grade 4s drew today. I have plenty more but I'm too tired to go through and crop/erase kids names right now.
Only one of these was drawn by a girl. Can you guess which one?

I can't believe Halloween is almost upon us and I have been neglecting my Nightmare Before Christmas and Attack On Titan goods. I'll double or triple up tomorrow.

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