Trick Or Treat?

 Has anyone ever given or received KitKats as a treat on Halloween? In Japan, there are numerous flavours to choose from, but the latest flavour, キットカット オトナの甘さ (otona no amasa) is purely sweets for Adults. If you don't believe me, go to Breaktown and click around.

It's a bit to sweet for me and though it does contain some alcohol (0.06%), it'd take a lot of these get yourself drunk.

Even the ad looks like a soap opera:


I cannot even fathom what this video is about (and I don't have time to watch all 19 minutes of it), some Italian taxi driver follows a couple around?

I picked up a magazine that has 42 pages of KitKat Kraziness! It even comes with a case. (Which turns out to be just a cheap piece of plastic.)

 Within its pages are several recipes from crepes, croissants, shakes, pancakes, etc, etc, etc...

I'm no patissier yet in my opinion, using a KitKat in any of the above is cheating a little (though those cookies do look good.)

First Kitkat store in Ikebukuro, Japan.

KitKats from around the Kountry:

A KitKat TrainKar.

And hipsters...

If you aren't sick of reading about KitKat yet, here are a few videos.


Aussie ads

That's it for today, I'll double up on the Countdown tomorrow.

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