The Proof's In The Pudding.

Yay, I finally tracked down this year's crop of Pumpkin-flavoured KitKats and this time it's a Pumpkin-Pudding flavour.

Based on the package, the green pumpkin (Japanese Kabocha which is more squash-like in my opinion) seems to enjoy having his innards scooped out.

Within it, you get 12 different mini KitKats each wrapped in 1 of 4 different packs. First you get a pair of ghosts with a laughing pumpkin, a witch (looking a lot like Peko-chan) peeping in on a sleeping pumpkin, a similar witch flying on a spoon towards a smiling pumpkin, and a mischievous lad about to bludgeon a frightened pumpkin.

On the reverse is a space for you to write a message to the intended recipient. As you can see, the wafers are covered in a creamy icing. Too sweet for me, yet with nary a shred of a pumpkin taste, more creamy pudding flavoured if anything. (Be sure to click on the pic to enlarge it.)

Enjoy your KitKat with an espresso in one of these mini-Nightmare coffee cups.

I tried to win this oversized Cola-flavoured Gummy Colossus today at UFO Catcher but had to settle for a picture.

If you'd like to try a Pumpkin-Pudding KitKat, let me know and I'll send you one!

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