I returned from seeing ガーディアンズ・オブ・ギャラクシー  for the third time, opening day in Toronto; opening day in Japan and closing day in Japan. This isn't officially a Countdown to Halloween category but since everyone and their grandmother will be dressing up as their favourite character next week (How many Rockets, Gamoras or Groots will you get Trick or Treating at your door? How many will I see at the 2-3 Halloween Parties I'll be attending this week?)

I would have gone as Star Lord if I could have found the right jacket. I already have the mask and gun.

Ultimately, I decided that since I don't have the correct body type, I passed on my mask to Alex for his birthday. Let\s see if he can make use of it.

Since today was the last day, I decided I'd better pick up the Pamphlet before it's sold out and am I glad I did. (I even paid full price for it instead of waiting to find it used for a buck.)

Vibrant colours, lots of great photos, behind the scenes pics and interviews (in Japanese natch) makes it one of the better booklets I've acquired in a while. Here are the cast photos along with an interview or comment (in Japanese natch.)

 I have NO idea where this guy came from. I'm sure I'll see more of him now.

 Guaranteed if she were green as Uhura, Kirk would be tapping that instead of Spock.

 Best duet ever!

 Any comment I make here would just go over his head, so I'll refrain.

 Needs to learn some dance moves.
 Worst sibling rivalry ever. No wonder she's miffed, daddy likes her sister better.
 I was unfamiliar with Korath and had to go look him up.
 He was always my favourite of the original Guardians since way back in Marvel Super Heroes #18. I kind of miss the mohawk but Rooker pulls it off.
 I suspect that this action figure will be the least popular, have a low print run and then demand a huge price on e-bay in 20 years.
 What, no picture? Just as well, pretty goofy looking. (I would not object to a Collector solo movie.)
 Gets to day the word "Dick".
Not bad for a guy who started out in Scooby Doo movies.

An intro, flow chart of the characters and a breakdown of the planets that the Guardians are guarding. (Click to Grootisize it.)

Some very nice two page spreads.

Lots of stills and pinups from the movie.

Behind the scenes stuff.

The Comic origins of everyone's favourite team.

 Boy, I hope I still have this mini-series. I checked when I was home, I don't have Rocket's first appearance.

Best part of the movie had to have been the soundtrack. Hey Hollywood, you don't need Hip Hop in every movie!

And the merchandising. There is nada at Toy's R Us so the only way to find goods is to go to the cinema. Too bad they didn't carry the Hot Toys and I only ever saw the Funkos at one remote cinema.

So here is what I did pick up. Slim pickins to say the least. A few file folders and a hand towel.

I may have picked up one or two other items, I just can't locate them right now.

To bring this back around to Halloween, I saw a movie poster for a forthcoming film. Whew, and I thought there was a ton of marketing from just the tv show.

And finally, let's squeeze in a Nightmare item. I really need to get these put up around the place. A few in the shower and on my ceiling should do nicely.

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