Werewolf? There wolf.

Since  狼男 ookami-otoko translates directly as Wolf-Man, I thought it'd be easier to teach that rather than Werewolf. One of my students took it a step further and changed the gender. Gao! indeed.

Today's lesson for Grade 6 consisted of a few flash cards of the more popular Halloween creatures, then a display of several of my stuffed toys cosplaying as those creatures. Their task was to judge whether "It's cute" or "It's scary". (The majority chose cute.)

Then using these masks, we had a little costume parade and they were again to judge under the same criteria.

After that I handed them the above print "I (don't) like ____ because it's (insert two adjectives). Ignore the misspelling of the scary word  こわいい, it should be こわい.
For kids who can't draw, everyone got one of the following stickers to either use as their character or to keep for themselves.

Some students used the sticker as a template to draw their creature.

Others added the sticker and then their own original drawing.

Others have their own unique look at things.

These kids may require counselling.

 The talent of these artists is incredible. Including the very top one, these are my favourites:

I also taught some Grade 3s today and they had the pumpkin face print, there was nothing special until I came across this.

Does it look familiar?

Once again, it's after midnight and though I have some NBC and AoT to show off, I'm going to bed...

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