9-11, it's not just an emergency phone number.

Okay, one more before bed, and this one is actually of importance. 5 years ago, a couple of misguided pilots accidentally flew into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. These days, it's difficult to tell what the truth is, for I've read that the footage of the planes was doctored and the President intentionally imploded the buildings in order to start a war. There's nothing like a huge tragedy to show one's true colours (but whose colours are being shown? It's all so confusing.)

5 years ago, Alex and I were hanging at his place flipping around channels around 11:00 pm on a Sunday night, when we saw some great FX of a plane crashing into a WTC tower. Then we flipped to another and another and another channel and we realized that this wasn't a cheesy Made-for-TV movie. (Those are coming out now.) I have a friend who works just down the street from Ground Zero and I thought of him right away.

My heart goes out to all those who lost someone directly or indirectly and lets hope that this madness diminishes in the near future (not much hope there, I'm afraid.)

So here are some pages I scammed from the net somewhere. I don't know what comic they come from, but it looks like a 9-11 tribute book.

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