I don't know much about art,

But I know what I like. And I like Superheroes photoshopped into classic paintings...

Bacchus and Ariadne by Titian. Last July, I had the opportunity to see this painting at the main gallery in Ueno. It's much better, but I also dig that groovy Atom, the mini-Justice Leaguer, and a nasty looking Martian Manhunter.

Mona Lisa (Da Vinci) of course becomes Mona Xena. Her smile is not quite as captivating, but those eyes... Da Vinci used the wrong code!

Gainsborough's The Blue Boy becomes The Man of Blue Steel. Must be hard to fly in those britches.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus by Jose Ibarrara has become JC Superstar. In Singer's latest movie version, there were many Christ metaphors...this one would have been too blatant.

Birth of the Venus (Boticelli) = Birth of the Phoenix. Phoenix always did need a bit of meat on her bones and Boticelli does her justice. I also quite like the conch-blowing Wolverine.

Michelangelo's David becomes SuperDave. No, not the iconic character SuperDave Osborne. Please notice the shorts on David, we wouldn't want to get Springfield up in arms over censorship again. (Oh, so many obscure references. Someone thinks he's so smart.)

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